Meet Your Instructors

teamEach of the instructors at pilates performance strive to offer the very best in both their teaching and all that pilates has to offer. Instructors are certified and qualified in the pilates method, and required to maintain this certification on a yearly basis.

While there is a standard number of continued education credits that must be obtained each year, all of the teachers at pilates performance go above and beyond this requirement. They are passionate in their teaching, and value the opportunity to assist clients in meeting their health and fitness goals.


Andrea Courtney


Andrea Courtney loves pilates! After rehabilitating her own spine through the pilates method, she is always eager to share the benefit of this method with others. She has a solid background in dance, and draws on this experience to teach her students to perform with balance, precision and power. Andrea has a gift for making others feel welcome in her classes, and she is always eager to help students correct or modify exercises when necessary. Andrea is certified in all mat class levels.



    Kimberleigh Halsall


    Kimberleigh Halsall knows both physically and intuitively how pilates can benefit others. She loves to learn and share her knowledge with others. Kimberleigh has a gift for seeing what others need, and draws on this in working with her students. She truly enjoys teaching and values the opportunity to share the benefits of movement with others. Kimberleigh is certified in all mat class levels, reformer and springboard.


      Laura Hergott


      Laura Hergott is currently in her fourth year at University of Waterloo, working towards a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology. Pilates is a natural fit for Laura. She has attended classes at the studio for over five years. While she enjoys all that Pilates has to offer, she is also drawn towards sharing these benefits with others. Through the university’s Cooperative Education Program, Laura has designed exercise programs in manufacturing, rehabilitation, and corporate health and wellness settings. Laura is passionate about health, wellness and the mind body connection that is fostered by Pilates. She currently teaches group mat classes, and helps out at the studio as it fits in with her studies.


        Mary Pat Hergott

        Owner and Instructor

        Mary Pat Hergott is the owner of Pilates Performance. She shares over 13 years of pilates training with both her clients and her instructors. She is privileged and grateful to work with so many wonderful people. Mary Pat is passionate about sharing her knowledge in health, wellness and fitness, after overcoming serious health challenges of her own. She uses her studio as a platform to teach, motivate and encourage others to develop their power within, both through body movement and spirit. Mary Pat is certified in all mat class levels, springboard, and all of the pilates large apparatus (reformer, trapeze table and wunda chair). Mary Pat also specializes in post rehabilitation body conditioning and classes for osteoporosis and arthritis.