This should be the starting point for all new students, regardless of their fitness level. Think of it as an “awareness” session as opposed to a “power workout”. We request that newcomers do not skip this level, as this is the foundation for learning good form and the philosophies of Pilates.

Osteo Springboard

This level is ideal for those having completed Fundamentals. It can be a stepping stone to the more advanced levels (however some students may choose to remain at this level, as it is the perfect fit for their body and its capabilities).

Osteo-Core Integration

Similar to Core Integration with an emphasis on safe and effective exercises for the spine and joints. Great intermediate class, especially for anyone with osteoporosis or osteoarthritis, but also attended by those without these issues.

Power Flow

The exercises are demanding and dynamic. This is considered the most intense of all the levels, and only recommended for the advanced participant. The movements are challenging and at times complex, designed to build strength and endurance.

Springboards, Reformers, Trapeze Table, and More.

Pilates Performance is a fully equipped Pilates studio with group, private, and semi-private classes that take advantage of all the fantastic equipment developed by Joseph Pilates to supplement mat work. Joseph Pilates took his work one step further to develop equipment specific to his technique. The first piece of equipment, known as the “Universal Reformer” (now known […]