Springboards, Reformers, Trapeze Table, and More.

PReformerilates Performance is a fully equipped Pilates studio with group, private, and semi-private classes that take advantage of all the fantastic equipment developed by Joseph Pilates to supplement mat work.

Joseph Pilates took his work one step further to develop equipment specific to his technique. The first piece of equipment, known as the “Universal Reformer” (now known as the “Reformer”), involved the use of springs and pulleys to vary resistance. He later developed the “Trapeze Table” (also known as the “Cadillac”) and the “Wunda Chair”. This unique and specialized equipment is still used in Pilates studios around the world and is quickly gaining popularity. Many elite athletes are adding Pilates workouts to their regime. The workouts on the equipment are taught under careful supervision by well trained, certified Pilates instructors.

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