This should be the starting point for all new students, regardless of their fitness level. Think of it as an “awareness” session as opposed to a “power workout”.

We request that newcomers do not skip this level, as this is the foundation for learning good form and the philosophies of Pilates. Even the most elite athlete or “fit” client, will discover some benefit from taking this class. You will gain knowledge about your core muscle systems and how it relates to the spine and postural realignment. You will improve flexibility and balance within the body, while strengthening the core from the inside out.

mat-class-78-1You will become familiar with the teaching style of using cues and imagery to describe each movement. This is preferable to the typical teaching style of having to constantly follow the instructor standing in front of you. This allows the instructor to walk around and address questions while correcting form or body positions. The experience is enriching and you gain much more awareness about YOUR body and how it is meant to move.

We remind newcomers that abdominals are not the only muscles involved in the “core muscle system”, and why doing “ab crunches” is not the most effective way to strengthen the core. The goal is to keep the exercises simple yet effective. You will begin to feel a difference in your body, while improving strength, flexibility and balance. It is our intent that you leave the classes having learned something new about your body; how it moves and the individual challenges you need to work on.

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