Springboard I


What many don’t know is that Pilates actually started with exercises using spring tension/resistance on specialized pieces of equipment designed by Joseph Pilates, the founder of Pilates.

Adding spring resistance is brilliant, in that the student chooses the tension and range of motion that is right for them. This customizes the workout, leaving the student with a sense of control, and leaving the class feeling strong, upright and energized.

While the springs may be intimidating at first, our students quickly learn how to make adjustments of their own. Our instructors at Pilates Performance have specialized training in springboard and spring resistance. They provide assistance throughout the class, ensuring each student maximizes their workout in a safe, relaxed and fun atmosphere.

Fundamentals is a prerequisite for any Springboard class. It is even better if students have participated in additional mat class levels for a solid understanding of the principles and curing style from our instructors.

**Note** While Springboard can actually help and reduce many challenges it is not appropriate for those in any kind of “flare-up” relating to the spine or joints

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